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Videogames first came on the market thirty years ago as a marginal technological curiosity. Now they are virtually everywhere. Videogame sales have equaled movie sales. They are played by more adults than children, and game design can even be studied in college. Yet videogames are still often viewed as a minor form of entertainment, at best shallow, or at worst harmful.

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When you load BadCode4 you will not see much difference from BadCode4. The same sort of title screen, the same sort of text. What was significant, especially for JUGS users, was that the binary loaded a lot more quickly simply because it is a lot smaller. Each graphic is stored in compressed format, and expanded into a buffer before it is displayed. This looks no different, but requires some thought on the part of the programmer to work right.
Once you get to the menu you will realise that most of the difference between 4 and 4C are internal, but some bugs are fixed too such as being able to silence the "beat" by pressing 0, and a tiny colour bug in the No-TV Easter Egg is also corrected too.

There is no new Easter-Egg in this code, as it was just an attempt to keep JUGS users sane, and demonstrate what a difference compression makes to size. The internal changes are described next.

The menus and bouncing objects look no different, but as you change an option rather than change a pointer to the image the image is decompressed from the binary, at present by the M68000. The compression is lossless, to maintain crisp images and colour, important on menus.

JPEG is lossy, so graphics may become blurry, something I wanted to avoid. A background image such as a picture of people or a Jaguar controller is OK lossy.

The text explanations of the game tell you some more about the demo, but since it was written to help you understand what the implications of compression are some text has been changed in this binary too.

The principal issue is that more Jaguar RAM is used for re-usable buffers, and only compressed images in the binary. Space is always tight. Using images from RAM rather than slow ROM also improves system performance.

After some comments from people who said that they found the Jaguar to be just too good an opponent, I tweaked the handicap which I gave the Jaguar player so that it reacts less quickly. Principally it plays so well just because it never makes any stupid mistakes like tracking the wrong ball which I find humans do often. However, a game-over screen is still likely to meet you more often than a victory one.
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Download BadCode4 (Compressed)
Instructions on running with BJL, JUGS, Alpine or JagOS.
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