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The riveting story of Nintendo's conquest of the interactive entertainment industry offering true tales filled with cocky arrogance, confidence and international intrigue that rival any novel. Also an excellent insight into how Nintendo brought the once mighty Atari to its knees.
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In order to deal with various problems raised by play-testers, I have uploaded more than one version of this binary, each with the same name, maybe confusing, but another reason why I wanted to limit downloads to my site for my binaries.
In order to make it clear which the final version is, the "Minter Tribute" sheep sound is played on the first 2 screens. This version also has bat bounce sounds.

After pressing *+#, the Easter Egg reminder message is displayed, and holding a joypad button down here triggers one of the hidden easter eggs, new to this code.

The title screen is different to previous versions, featuring a traditional full- screen image, the sort of graphical change which this binary was intended to show makes a big difference to the "perception" of the program. The title screen is shown repeatedly during attract mode, and also reveals planned future graphical direction.
The chrome style graphics promised for BadCode4 (Metal) require a new palette to previous style text, but the basic engine of this menu is the same. The graphics are all compressed using the same lossless routines, and expanded into graphics buffers in RAM. Each item on screen is an object processor data item.

If you do not make a choice then the attract mode starts automatically with the Jaguar playing itself for a short time, then see credits and title pages.

The options screen supports the same options as before, and is unchanged from BadCode4 and BadCode4c. The graphics are compressed, and decompressed into the buffers, graphics are decompressed on-the-fly as you change each of the options.

If you are a real Llamasoft fan you should stumble onto the "Sheep Egg" with little trouble here, if not then you will probably not discover it at all.

Once playing the game, which starts-off very slowly as before, you will find that pressing Pause now supports the standard options, plus an extra feature sadly not present in all games. Pressing A or B allows you to adjust the volume of the music (only a beat at present, but played on the music channel) and sound effects, although in this release this is not shown graphically. Pressing C will in future allow you to adjust the controller configuration.

The extra "egg" here is #, which allows you to move the screen around to find the optimum position for your television, no matter what I as developer thought. In future this setting should be saved to a cartridge NV-RAM if you have one.

If you do not make a choice from the menus, the attract mode includes this demo game, where the Jaguar plays itself for a short time. A mini-egg here is that if you hold down Pause, the Jaguar will continue to play itself so you can see how fast the game gets and bet on the outcome of which player will win. Seeing the Jaguar playing 4 balls at speed can be mesmerising.
Finally, the new credits screen is my way of passing on my support to the Jaguar community, just like these binaries. So many people have done so much to keep the Jaguar as a fun console to own, play, and develop for, and I take this opportunity to say that I hope such interest continues, and that future developments open up game development to many more fans.
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BadCoder has included a number of Easter Eggs in his code, and this page gives details of them, along with some background information on how Easter Eggs originated.
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Download this binary for Atari Jaguar subject to my terms and conditions shown on my homepage. If you have not read them, do not download this file. Note that this .ZIP file must be decompressed using a tool such as Unzip or Pkzip, before use.
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Instructions on running with BJL or Alpine.
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