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Atari Jaguar: Official Gamer's Guide
This excellent book is a must-have for any Atari Jaguar game developer, enthusiast, or collector, it features hints and tips for many games, and lots of valuable information about the system.
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Once the program loads, on Alpine, or BJL (you need to add a header to download to Jagserver, but a program like BIN2JAG will do that) it starts automatically, showing the 'Badcoder Presents' screen, then counts through the Jaguar years, from 1995 to 2000. Then you get the title screen.

The title screen is actually several objects. An object for the year or 'Under Construction' box, the surrounding 'Bad Code?' graphic, and a text layer. It is use of multiple objects which means that the layers can change so easily individually. Like all object lists there are also two branch objects and a stop object in the list.

The text explanation screens use another object list, naturally, with just a background image (in RAW 8-bit colour format), and it's own palette, and a transparent object as the text layer.

The text is printed using an 8-bit font and a generic routine which either 'etches' text character by character, or visually almost instantly. If I had a nice 8-bit colour font the text could be in colour.

In this example the scrolling is done with a M68K scroll routine, rather than moving the object, or using the blitter. The differences the former method and the two latter methods will be explained later in the series.

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Download Badcode0
Instructions on running with BJL, JUGS, Alpine or JagOS.
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