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Not much change to the opening screens of Badcode1, from Badcode0, just a new frame bitmap. Note that the title graphic is not a full-screen bitmap, see Badcode0 explanation for more details.

Do note, however, that you can press OPTION at almost any time to reset the Jaguar back to the BJL dump screen, or STUB ROM monitor, with a call to the ILLEGAL M68K instruction, the normal way. (It triggers a M68K TRAP, calling the ROM code.)

This is the new menu screen which appears is a little unorthodox, as is Badcoder. Don't forget to make screens such as the menu interesting, however, the player will see them often.

The menu consists of 6 OP objects, each a transparent 8-bit bitmap, which bounce left and right across the screen, each one down the menu moving a little faster than the previous one. As these are objects they each have an X and Y coordinate, and using multiple moving objects means your object list code must be able to dynamically refresh/repair the objects every frame-interrupt.

There are no changes to the information screens, they just work as they did with Badcode0. See the Badcode0 information for more explanation on this.

Note that the scrolling isn't particularly smooth, I will change this scroll routine to use the blitter (the 64-bit data manipulation 'engine') later, to demonstrate the difference it makes.

Another way would be to move the text up/down the screen, adjusting the size and starting offset, but I wanted to be able to scroll text on whilst the other text scrolled off if I so desired, which you cannot do if you move the object itself.

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Download Badcode1
Instructions on running with BJL, JUGS, Alpine or JagOS.
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