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The intro screens are pretty much unchanged. See Badcode0 for more details on how they are built. I will retain these basic startup screen for now.

However, at this point you may notice that I have implemented the Atari standard key-presses, slightly adapted for our purposes. # and * together restart the game, and # and * and OPTION together reset the game, (they'd normally reset and clear the E2ROM to default settings), just as OPTION used to.

I also let the program have a little fun you may note, at start-up, guessing if you have a BJL or Alpine, just by probing memory for write access.

The menu has not changed much this time, but what has changed is that there is a scrolling star field in the background. Actually, there are now 2 objects for the stars, scrolling at different rates, so-called parallax scrolling. The little blue line isn't a bug, you'll find out why later.

The other big thing is Option 5, reset, has gone. How do we reset? Read above, just hold # and * and OPTION together, on pad 1 only at the moment. Pressing just # and * jumps back to the intro code.

Try staring at/tracking just one option, to see a pleasing optical illusion with stars moving sideways.

The options screen uses the same bouncing menu technique as the main menu, it's important that you write code you can re-use in different circumstances whenever you can, even in new games. That doesn't mean everything has to look the same.

The options by default are 'A" Tramiel'd (for colours, and graphics) and 'B' Slow Text (as used on the text explanation screens, with text etched character by character) and 'C' return to the main menu. Just pressing the equivalen pad button toggles the options on and off. Normally the options would be saved to E2ROM on the cartridge when you change an option and exit the screen.

A static screen shot of the menus with Minter'd colour scheme (Jeff "Yak" Minter, that is) does not really show how psychedelic they appear. Of course, don't worry, there is lots more to add.

The Fast Text option does not affect this screen but affects how the text is written on the text information screens, so check out the difference.

Once again there are no significant changes to these text explanation screens, see Badcode0 for details.

The only real difference is that the text on these pages is now written almost instantly instead of etched, if you select 'Fast Text' from the options screen.

In Badcode3 I will tweak the text output routines to demonstrate how you can make displaying text a bit more interesting, and also introduce the blitter routines to demonstrate how much faster and smoother blitter scrolling is that then M68K.

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Download Badcode2
Instructions on running with BJL, JUGS, Alpine or JagOS.
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