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Since the beginning, BadCoder has believed that "Easter Eggs" (secret features in the code, usually unlocked by undocumented joypad sequences) are something a coder can easily include in any game or project, as a little bonus. Most BadCode demos include 1 or more little eggs. This message is only shown once the user presses *+#.

The only thing new on the page except the title, is the froody text first used here. Using an enhanced text routine, I can provide a wavy line for the text to follow across the screen.
The other thing you'll notice is the sound. Yes, simple mono 8-bit sound. (Low quality to save space, as this demo loads into RAM.) The code implements multiple channels but uses only one which is used for the background beat here.

The menu screen is principally an evolution, using the fire buttons and Option to activate functions in place of the number buttons. Another background object is implemented, to help show that the menu is not drawn as a double-buffered bitmap, but rather as a number of objects. The menus are static bitmaps, and contibute to the large binary size of this demo.

The options screen is evolution too. Again, using the fire buttons and option to exit, it sets options which affect the whole program. (A new Egg exists here for Minter fans, if they look. A tiny tribute which I will expand on in later demos.) The menus are again static bitmaps which greatly increases the size of the binary.

The text screens explain more about the demo, and how it works, and feature an Atari Falcon controller in the background. (It is known as a Developer Pad to Jaguar fans as it was the pad sent to most early developers.)
All the text can be displayed as froody, or fast, set by options on the options screen. The scroll still uses the M68000, rather than the blitter, and can look jerky as a result.

Read about BadCode Easter Eggs
BadCoder has included a number of Easter Eggs in his code, and this page gives details of them, along with some background information on how Easter Eggs originated.
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Download this binary for Atari Jaguar subject to my terms and conditions shown on my homepage. If you have not read them, do not download this file. Note that this .ZIP file must be decompressed using a tool such as Unzip or Pkzip, before use.
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Instructions on running with BJL, JUGS, Alpine or JagOS.
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