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Terms and Conditions

This is normally where things get heavy. Let's not do that. Do not sell or redistribute my software either as your own, or without my explicit written permission. Do not modify, disassemble, or in any way reverse-engineer my software, or publish any information about it, only I can do that.

If you wish to download my binaries to use on an Emulator, that is OK, but I absolutely FORBID the binary to be distributed on any ROMs site, and my files are absolutely NOT public domain, and if listed as such in GoodJag then that is absolutely incorrect. Please help me in this, and I will release new games. The author of Jagulator was helpful in this, I have had no feedback otherwise.

Do not download anything if you disagree. Although the software is available for your use free of charge, it remains my intellectual property always, and is not freeware, you use it at my discretion. If you break these conditions you promise to compensate me accordingly, and destroy your copies.

If any code fails in any way, that is your problem. You use everything I've created entirely at your own risk. Code should run with Alpine, BJL, JagOS, JagServer or JUGS. No warranty is given or implied, and by downloading my binaries you agree to these terms.

Warning! Some code is particularly psychedelic and thus people who suffer from epilepsy or related conditions, or any sort of heart condition should seek medical advice before running my software. If in doubt about it just don't run it.

File BadCd4nb.ZIP, when extracted, file is BadCde4n.BIN.
OK, I agree. Let me have BadCd4nb.ZIP
File BadCd4nj.ZIP, when extracted, file is BadCde4n.JAG.
OK, I agree. Let me have BadCd4nj.ZIP

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