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Sunday, March 12, 2006

BadCoder booting up Jaguar coding again in 2006, being away from coding Jaguars but still coding games, all time while 2005 goes away. Greetz to trusted Euro Underground Bastian42, Johannes, MDGames, Duranik, Starcat, Sinigord, TXG/MNX, JustClaws, Linkowitch, Robert, Fred, Mr.Spock, Mr.Well. Greetz to 16/32 Nick. Where Stone and Tyrant go? Spezial greetz to Euro Jag teams Brainstorm, JagWare, Cerebral Vortex, always Eclipse. Greetz to Jag Underground in USA, JagMod, Graphikal Man, Songbird, Belboz, Cdoty, JDM, and every time a lot Glenn and Curt. Spezial greetz to "Krunch" for Gorf. BadCoder helping new Euro Jaguar developers joining in Jaguar coding in 2006. Greetz to forums JI-II, AtariAge, Yaronet, Jagware, Jag Connexion and some peoples in JS-II. Sorries given to any homebrew coders I missing above, stay coding. I give something to Jag community this year again, for open fans.

posted by BadCoder Sunday, March 12, 2006 [edit]

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