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Atari Jaguar Development Sites (A-Z)

JustClaws Devcats Site
Original JagServer Site
BJL and BLL Devkits Pages
Mirror of UnderGround DOX

Active Atari Jaguar Developers (A-Z)

3D Stooges Software
BadCoder Consolation
Force Design
Matthias Domin
Nanomonic Software
Robert Demming
Songbird Productions
Sinister Developments
StarCat Developments
Team Franglais
U-235 Software

How to Play UnderGround Games

Beyond Jaggy Lines Kit (BJL)
JagServer Kit (not available)
Songbird Productions Protector/SE (with BJL + CD-boot)
Scatologic BattleSphere (with JUGS add-on)
Scatologic BattleSphere Gold (with JUGS + CD-boot)
B&C Computers CD Bypass (CD-boot)

Various Jaguar Emulator Projects

Project Tempest
Virtual Jaguar
Reality Man Jagulator
JagBag at EmuHQ (Fake?)

Read About Game Programming

Game Developer Magazine
Amateur Game Developer
Programmers' Heaven
GameDev.Net Site
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Atari Jaguar: Official Gamer's Guide
This excellent book is a must-have for any Atari Jaguar game developer, enthusiast, or collector, it features hints and tips for many games, and lots of valuable information about the system. As such a vintage publication, from the best days of the Jaguar, I recommend you get it while you can.
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