BadCoder Consolation

Atari Jaguar Video-Games Programming and Development

Who IS BadCoder?

BadCoder is an experienced applications and systems programmer, but be warned, not (in recent times) a commercial game programmer or developer. I have written commercial games previously, but that was a long time ago now. I do not wish to reveal my true identity at this time, for a variety of reasons, but all will be revealed in due course.

I like to keep my identity a secret, except to a very small group of others, but it is interesting how difficult this is on the web. Just browsing Jaguar web-sites, posting messages to message boards, or Internet news groups, all of these activities threaten to reveal my identity, inadvertently, it could make one quite paranoid. Speaking of secrets, did you find all the BadCode Easter Eggs?

This concern was how I ended up using the Anonymiser service, and the Spaceproxy services. Both of them offer totally anonymous browsing, but I have found Anonymiser much more reliable, quicker, and well... click on the banner above and find out more about the service, I thoroughly recommend it for anybody wanting to browse sites anonymously, or to give information anonymously.

Why do you do this?

As useful console oriented video-games developments sites are a bit thin on the ground these days, BadCoder is here to try and help, explaining how his demos and games are written, how simple code can produce impressive results. What should be remembered by any potential amateur game developer embarking on a project on a machine such as the Jaguar is how different a console is from a PC, and how much more frugal he or she should be with system resources.

BadCoder was frustrated to see enthusiastic young programmers unable to start on their code for want of basic information about how to write a skeleton program, how to structure their game, how to compile and link for Jaguar, and how to create suitable graphics and sound.

What are you promising Atari Jaguar fans?

BadCoder has identified the problems (above) facing new Jaguar console programmers. All these subjects will be covered on these pages in future, although up to BadCode4, the content of these pages has been predominantly related only to free downloads, simply because more time has been spent coding that writing web-pages, and that will not change.

BadCoder is promising nothing to Jaguar fans. Since BadCode0 proof has not been a problem I hope, and BadCode4 was the first demo to include a playable game. BadCode5 will definitely include a better game, but beyond saying that I will release it I am promising nothing.

No commercial games, no shareware cartridges or CD games, no new version of demos such as Duranik's Native, no flashy web-pages or plans to save the Atari Jaguar. Of course I'm not promising not to release anything like this either, just check back here often and you may be pleased with the results of your interest, time permitting.

If you are really interested in what I am doing, then I will be using my new web-log in order to report on less progress on an ad-hoc basis, between the major updates such as announcing new demos and games.

Like what BadCoder is working on?
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