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Note, please ONLY bookmark this page, or (preferably) the front-page, for updates bookmark my blog, and check back regularly. For details see below.
Also, please recommend my site to other Jaguar fans, or add your own link to it.
I also have a web-blog now, and small updates for coders interested in my progress will be posted there. This page stays as the main page for updates such as release of new binaries.

BadCode4, giving you the Halloween Egg!Useful Halloween egg details in BadCode4, 18/10/2007.
Since Badcode5 is not coming coming soon, if ever, as BadCoder's webmaster I remind you now about the egg in BadCode4 for Halloween. Load the demo, and at the menu reset the game with *+# and when the welcome screen appears, hold down Pause. Your own Halloween pumpkin!
For more details, see the BadCode Eggs Page, and search for the other eggs.

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