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Atari Jaguar Video-Games Programming and Development

Download the BadCode Demos for Atari Jaguar

Unlike many of the bogus developers who have interrupted the history of the Atari Jaguar since Atari Corporation closed shop, BadCoder has released a number of binaries for Jaguar enthusiasts, but made no promises about commercial game projects in the future, and continues to promise nothing.
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Instructions for binaries on BJL, JUGS, JagOS or an Atari Alpine 2.

Having some means of running my Jaguar demos is no good unless you have a clear idea of how to run them. On this page I've detailed how each of the available Jaguar hardware solutions for running "Homebrew" games works, and given the details for uploading my binaries to them. I will expand this later to explain how to run games from other developers.
(Right arrow) Instructions for running with BJL, JUGS, Alpine or JagOS
(I love eggs!)Easter Eggs - Most of the BadCoder demos to-date have included at least one Easter Egg, a small secret in the code activated by a secret code or button combination. It is odd that for many modern games, the Easter Eggs are more talked about than the product, which may reflect the fact that many modern games are bigger on graphics than they are on game-play. This page provides information on them all, along with background information on how Easter Eggs came to be a must-have hidden feature of any operating system, application, or game produced today.
(I love eggs!) Easter Eggs in commercial Jaguar software. A new page about Easter Eggs in commercial Jaguar games has been added, along with screenshots of some of the more interesting examples. Although this is a bit off my topic of video game development, I permit myself this as I just love to find and add eggs.

Reserving Names for Possible Future Projects

BadCoder has been seeing that other people are using his bad project concept and to complete some possible future projects is announcing the names here. They are not being sure if BadCoder having time, he finishing like in past, these projects are only game designs today, maybe never coming alive, sorry. (Better development platforms for teaching now than Atari Jaguar, like XNA.)

Download Sample Source Code for Atari Jaguar

So far BadCoder has not released any source code for the Atari Jaguar, but this has just been because he wants to release useful code with a lot of comments in it, which enthusiastic Jaguar fans can customise to create their own demos and games quickly and easily with the minimum of knowledge of low-level Jaguar programming. Only knowledge of the Motorola M68000 assembly language will be required once BadCoder has his demo source code released, at least for simple programming demos.

Other Development Resources for Amateur Game Developers

BadCoder is not alone in providing information for the amateur game developer of course, and this page provides links to a selection of commercial and amateur game development sites, Jaguar game development resources, and the various Jaguar hardware solutions for both developing Jaguar games and playing Underground Jaguar games. Hand picked!

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(Right arrow) List of Atari Jaguar Unofficial Releases (So many?)

Background - Who is BadCoder?

BadCoder is hoping to demonstrate, (using the discontinued but powerful Atari Jaguar console as an example,) that almost anybody can program (or help to develop) imaginative and fun video-games, given enough effort and some clear advice. His focus is only on classic consoles gaming.
So, really, Who IS BadCoder? (Who cares?)

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